Field Obligatory Type Description
connectionLineId no string Your orderline id
effectConnectLineId yes string EffectConnect orderline id
channelLineId yes string Orderline id as provided by channel (marketplace)
effectConnectId yes string Auto increment ID for our orderline table
productId yes unsignedLong Product id
productTitle yes string Title of product
lineAmount yes decimal Price of product sold
status yes string Possible values: line_paid, line_cancelled, line_shipped, return_notified, return_received, return_accepted, return_declined
statusHistory no collection of orderlineStatus  
fees no collection of Fee  
attributes no collection of OrderAttribute  
ID no unsingedLong

Product id

EAN no string European Article Number (as provided by your source data)
SKU no string Stock Keeping Unit (as provided by your source data)
identifier no string Product identifier

Please note:
There is no 'amount' field in the orderLine. For every product in an order, an orderline exists. So, the default amount is always 1. If 2 of the same products are sold, there will be 2 separate orderlines.

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