Field Obligatory Type Description
salutation yes GenderType One of: m, f
firstName yes string (1-64) First name of the customer
lastName yes string (1-64) Last name of the customer
company no string (1-64) Company name
street yes string (1-64) Street name
houseNumber yes int (1-8) House number
houseNumberExtension no string (8) Extension for house number
addressNote no string (64) Note about address
zipCode yes string (1-16) Zip code
city yes string (1-64) City
state no string (1-64) State, if applicable
country yes string (2-2) 2-character Country Code (ISO 3166 format)
phone no string (32) Phone number, if applicable
taxNumber no string (1-64) VAT number
email yes string (1-128) E-mail address (often hashed by marketplace)


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