Field Obligatory Type Description
connectionNumber yes string

Your ordernumber

effectConnectNumber yes string EffectConnect ordernumber
channelNumber yes string Ordernumber as provided by channel (marketplace)
channelInfo yes channelInfo  
currency yes string (3) Currency code (ISO 4217 standard)
isTaxShifted yes boolean Determines if the order tax is shifted (VAT should be 0% in that case).
date yes date Date when order was placed, formatted in ISO8601 (Y-m-d\TH:i:sP)
status yes string (1-32) Possible values: paid, completed, cancelled, returning, partially_shipped, partially_returned
lines yes collection of line Container for orderline information
billingAddress yes orderAddress  
deliveryAddress yes orderAddress  
notifications no collection of Notification  
fees no collection of Fee  
attributes no collection of OrderAttribute  
tags no colllection of Tag  


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